About us

Haribhau Vishwanath Musical Industries

Consistent Quality & Improvement are two things, we have always believed in and these have earned us the reputation as PIONEERS in the Musical Instruments Industry in India. Established in 1925 as a small repair shop servicing harmoniums by our founder Haribhau Vishwanath Diwane, soon ventured into making instruments. His passion for developing and making good quality harmoniums brought him instant success and Haribhau Vishwanath became famous.

Currently the business is looked after by the second and third generation of our family and we are equally passionate about the instruments we develop and make. We are known not only for our Harmoniums but also for our Santoors, Swarmandals, Shahibajas, Bulbul Tarangs and the Percussions that we make. Our brand PALOMA is a symbol of “Quality Musical Instruments” .

Our Instruments are well known for their superior quality not only in India but around the world as well. We take great interest and efforts in developing new instruments with musicians. We also customise instruments to suite individual liking.